Macro Coaching Nutrition Program ( 8 weeks )

Our Macro Coaching program is designed to get you personalized results. Custom macronutrient protocols where you are prescribed exact carbs, fats, and proteins to set yourself up to succeed at whatever your goals may be. The idea is to help you create nutritional freedom. No set exact meal plans, but rather set macros so you can have variety, freedom, satiety and more. We will empower and educate you on hitting your macros and achieving your goals.

    If youre looking to finally get on a structured diet, shred up, bulk up, or just get in better shape this is a great program for you to work with J.R. Barthel directly as your coach! Included with your service is access to our private facebook group exclusively for athletes! This allows you to others athletes of J.R.’s, like minded people, and just a community of people to interact and succeed with!

    This community will provide exclusive content, information and so much more. Upon purchasing the program you will receive a download email with a questionnaire to start the coaching process. Please ensure you use a valid email when checking out. In there you will fill out the providing information, as well as be directed to the private group for athletes.

Clients can expect:
-Custom Macro Protocols
-Private Athlete Only Group
Exclusive Contact
Direct Contact with your coach J.R. Barthel
Available FREE Workout Programs
Weekly Check Ins and Adjustments
so much more!

If you have any question, please use the contact us form...or simply message us on our facebook page

Macro Coaching Nutrition Program ( 8 weeks )

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