Alpha Complete Xtreme
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Alpha Complete Xtreme is our Advanced Anabolic Matrix Designed to be used as an ON cycle support product / PCT Product / and even a product all by itself to increase testosterone and hormone production. This product is also formulated to enhance libido and sex drive as well

This product contains Aromotase Inhibtors to control estrogen / Contains testosterone boosting ingredients to aid in enhancing and restarting natural testosterone production / Supports blood pressure / Supports Liver and Organ Health.

This product contains a full month supply ( 3 capsules serving )

This product was ideally made to stack along side Alpha H Xtreme or other Pro Hormone products ( you can also use this item by itself as well )

We highy recommend running this product during the duration of your Alpha H Cycle ( 8 weeks ) as well as a PCT product ( 4 weeks post cycle )

This will help ensure health and optimal hormonal balance while utilizing these amazing result producing products.

You would need 3 bottles to cover a 12 weeks span to cover your ON and PCT cycle support. There is a discount for buying 3 bottles at a time.

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Alpha Complete Xtreme

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