Alpha 1 Andro
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Alpha 1 Andro is one of the newest products to our "hardcore" Alpha Muscle Building Line of products. This is a great product for lean muscle gains. With minimal side effects due to the nature of this compound this is an amazing product for just about anyone wanting legit results. Note our potency and formula that is also designed to enhance bio availability of the compound. We tend to be 2-4 times more potent in the key active ingredient per serving than leading competitors.

Try stacking this product with Alpha 4 Andro for more dramatic results.

Be sure to stack Cycle Sidekick for your cycle support as well as Alpha After as your PCT product to safely run this product.



Supplement Facts


Serving Size: 1 Capsule


Servings Per Container: 60


1 androstene-3b-ol, 17-one                  100mg


6,7 dihydroxybergammotin 45%           20mg

1-Androsterone (1-DHEA)

Chemical Name(s):

Average Cycle Length: 4-8 weeks

1- Androsteronetm (1-DHEA) is a non-methylated (non 17aa) pro-steroid that must convert to 1-androstenediol (1-AD), 1-androstenedione (original 1-AD) and/or 1-testosterone to be active. The double bond in the 1st position seems to slightly enhance its ability to resist excretion by the liver.

1-Androsterone occurs naturally in the body, and is a naturally occurring metabolite of DHEA. (2) The 17b-HSD enzyme converts 1-Androsterone to 1-Androstenediol, and the 3b-HSD converts it to 1-Androstenedione. Both of these 1-AD metabolites can then be converted to 1-Testosterone. Although the 1-AD metabolites are known to have some anabolic and androgenic effects on their own, 1-Testosterone is probably where most of the effects come from with this steroid.

There is no conversion to estrogen so users will not experience bloat with this compound, nor will it have a dramatic effect on blood pressure. However one unique side effect that users have reported with this compound is a feeling of lethargy. (It appears that stacking 1-Androsterone with a nuero-active hormone such as DHEA can help reverse this effect).

1-Androsterone (and primarily its metabolites) have relatively potent androgenic effects, therefore gyno is almost never an issue.

Results from this compound generally take a couple weeks to be realized. Moderate gains of lean muscle mass and strength can be expected, but users should not expect rapid increases in size or weight with this compound since extra-cellular and intra-cellular water retention are very minimal. This makes the gains from this steroid fairly easy to maintain post cycle.

1-Androsterone will stack well with almost any compound. For more dramatic gains in size and strength it is recommended to stack this compound with Alpha 4 Andro.

We highly suggest running a cycle support product while on these product as well as a potent PCT to rebound once the cycle is complete. You may also consider stacking Alpha 4 Andro for more dramatic results

Suggested Cycle Support: Our Product Cycle Sidekick

Suggest PCT: Our Product Alpha After

1. 17beta-hydroxy-5alpha-androst-1-en-3-one (1-testosterone) is a potent androgen with anabolic properties.
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Toxicol Lett, Aug 2006; 165(2): 149-55.
2. “Metabolism of 1-Dehydroandrostanes in Man”
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Alpha 1 Andro

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